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Arrogance is a Learning Disability

The Education of Character is Education Itself. Many years ago I was consultant to a school that had a reputation for “strong academics,” but was experiencing a lot of “behavior problems.” The kids were mean to each other and to their teachers. In one conversation about a seventh grader named Justin the teachers expressed their […]

Kids and Social Media

The parent of a sixth grader emailed me from her iphone:
“My adjustment to Marcus’s emerging, pre-teen social media life is akin to the four stages of grief—denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. I started with ‘get off the computer now,’ as I witnessed this new viral habit consuming his attention (that previously went to piano practice, reading, and family time). Then, I tried the logical approach…

Genius, Ability and Raising Smart People

Five years ago Alicia, one of our most experienced preschool teachers, told me the following story: “Yesterday, Helen was in the sandbox scooping sand into a bucket with a cup. I came by and (good constructivist teacher that I am) said, ‘So, Helen, how many cups do you think it will take to fill up […]

Genius: Not a Rare Gift

Gen·ius n 1. The tutelary spirit of a person, place, or institution. —The New Oxford American Dictionary, 2001 One Sunday Helen’s father emailed me this story: “Yesterday, Helen was playing in a sandbox in the park. Nearby a brawl broke out between a brother and sister. Helen looked up to see them arguing over a […]