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Is Praise Good for Children?

Martha believes that good parenting includes paying attention to her children and praising them. It is important for their self-esteem. Mary disagrees. She tells the story of how, at the age of 19, after dropping out of college her daughter said: “Everyone says I’m smart, but I don’t feel it.” She blames her habit of […]

Children Are Whole People

Months ago in some online comment Janet Lansbury wrote: “Maybe it’s because I was encouraged by a mentor (infant specialist Magda Gerber) to view babies as whole people from the get-go, not my projects, not reflections or extensions of me, their emergent personalities never felt like my responsibility.” That babies are whole people is actually […]

Five Tips for Teachers (and Parents)

One day Iliana (age 6) seemed to want to strike up a conversation as she was leaving school with her Mom. “Goodbye, Mr. Rick.” “Goodbye, Iliana.” “You’re the principal.” “That’s right. I am the principal.” “You are in charge of everything.” “That’s right.” ”You can DO anything you want.” At that point I realized I […]