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Can the Good-enough Parent Demand Mastery?

Great vs. Excellent Last week when I wrote that trying to be a “superior parent” is crazy, I seem to have been like the little boy who said: “The emperor has no clothes.” The idea that if children get only the three things they need (love, respect as a decision maker, and accurate feedback) they […]

“Superior Parenting?” That’s Crazy Talk. Children Need Only 3 Things.

Years ago, I was standing in the back yard of my uncle’s house talking to my cousin. “I feel like I messed up my kids,” I said. “Oh, Ricky, Don’t you know? We all mess up our kids. It’s all set up that way.” I was an educator, who by then had known about a […]

Playing Position around Homework

When two players on the same team both “go for the ball,” one of them is often “out of position.” When a parent says, “We had a little trouble with our homework last night,” someone is out of position. Technorati Tags: Authority, building character, character, child-rearing, Discipline, education, homework, kids, Learning, overparenting, Parenting, parenting skills, […]

What Parents Really Need?

Except from Chapter 1 of The Genius in Children: Bringing out the Best in Your Child: Dear Rick, As a mom, I often feel that I am hanging on by my fingertips. I’ll tell you why I don’t read the how-to books on parenting: It’s because I can’t parent with one hand and have the […]