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The Willful Child

Janet Lansbury showed her stuff again this week with her post about parenting willful two-year-olds. A battle of wills with a child is one of the classic challenges of parents and teachers. In my first few years of teaching I had recurring dreams about students who simply refused to do what I was asking them […]

This March on Washington, Where’s the Dream?

At the end of this month there will be a  “Save our Schools March” on Washington. Unlike the 1963 March on Washington, there is no clear, shared vision of what it would look like if the desired changes happened. What would it look like if teachers and parents “took back the schools?” Last month I […]

Learning to Write: Seven Elements of a Learning Culture

How we teach an academic subject is important; the social context in which we teach it is equally critical. One day in early February, Tanya, one of the teachers of the Fireflies, a preschool class of four-year-olds, came into the lounge at lunch time and said: “We have had an outbreak of writing in the […]

Summer Fun: 12 Ways Parents Can Build a Mathematics Brain in Children

The most important thing we can do to ensure that our children speak mathematics when they are older is to make sure that mathematics is part of their world during their first 10 years of life. Technorati Tags: child-rearing, children, education, gifted, kids, Learning, math, mathematics, Parenting, parenting skills, parents, school, school reform, summer fun, […]