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Parents and Teachers: Who are the Educators?

Twenty years ago Delanie Easton, an Oaklander who was running for the position of Superintendent of Schools for the State of California said to a room of a thousand people: “If someone asked me, ‘Delanie, which would you rather have: one million dollars or one hour of parent involvement?’ I would say ‘One hour of […]

Meditation on the Equinox

Yesterday, on the return leg of our evening walk. Victoria and I saw a dark thing sticking up from the rail of the fence that lines our driveway. “What’s that? Is that an owl? Or a hawk? Or….?” “Can’t be an owl. Must be a hawk. Amazing.” But the most amazing thing is that neither […]

In Education Failure IS an Option: New Myths for Successful Kids and Better Schools

In Education failure IS an option, and a pretty good one at that. Fear of failure is not a big issue for most kids going off to first grade. Their life is not yet framed with questions of success and failure. Even after a year in kindergarten where their mission was to make friends, create, do […]

How Do You Get Your Child to Love Learning?

Well, it’s a trick question. Your child automatically does love learning. The question really is, “How do we get him to love to learn what we want him to learn?” It should be the job school to get kids to love school work, but what if they are not doing their job? When a child is not motivated […]