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Peace, Joy, Love and Being Wrong

 We wish each other peace, joy and love this time of year. Seems like a simple way to happiness. Why is it so hard? At Christmas Eve dinner with friends someone asked the question, “If your life could be any movie you wanted, what would it be? Who would play you? Who would play the […]

Peace, Joy, Love, and Conflict

Meditation on Solstice Peace You have family. You have conflict. –Bobby Richman  On December 21 many years ago, my thirteen-year-old son arrived in the kitchen as I was having my morning coffee. Rather than greeting me with, “Good morning, Dad” he went straight to the refrigerator, took out a carton of orange juice, grabbed a […]

Should Parents Give Their Children Books For Christmas, or?

 Love When I was nine and my father asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said, “Something I can build and then when it’s built I can play with it.” Fifty years later, when my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said, “Fifty pieces of rebar two feet long.” Technorati Tags: […]

Taking Stock

“How Do You Use Blocks? An Excellent Interview Question” was the 100th post on “The Genius in Children.” Looking back on the postings of 2011 I am reminded of many great discussions that some of the posts triggered, and I am enormously grateful to all of you who participated. To celebrate, I am stepping back […]