Help a Million People See Education in a New Way. Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Strikes Again!

Last week I saw 25 kindergarteners walking through the hallway of a school, each with a 4×6 notebook in one hand and a pencil in the other. They flooded slowly along quite naturally, heads turning left and right, eyes going up and down, and all with studious expressions on their faces. Looking, looking, looking. Every onceinawhile one would jot something down.

I asked one boy what he was doing, and he said, “We are looking at the world with our poet eyes.”

“Wow, that’s cool,” I said. “What does that mean, though.”

“It means to see normal things in a new way.”

“Oh, that’s really cool.”

I asked a girl what she had written, and she read from her notebook: “You skitter and you scatter, and it’s fun to play today.”

I love to watch education in action, a teacher who knows that her job is to teach the disciplines of the infinitely challenging process of changing a mind. Knowing how to see “normal things” in a new ways…

in today’s world,….

Heck, no. This has always been important. It’s actually the core challenge of being human. Changing our brains is the name of our game.

I am happy to see it happening all over, too. Sarah Elizabeth Ippel‘s latest inspiring talk is now up on YouTube.

A living vision of what education can, should and does look like all in one 17 minute talk! Do you agree? If so, pass it on. Make a couple-million people see education in a new way.

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2 thoughts on “Help a Million People See Education in a New Way. Sarah Elizabeth Ippel Strikes Again!

  1. SUPERB presentation!
    Sarah Elizabeth Ippel would be a wonderful Federal Commissioner of Education. She could make such a difference.

  2. Yes, she is Really Good and certainly can navigate the federal opposition and really make a difference.

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