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Want Cooperative Children? Treat Them As If They Are

 Man walks into a room with a clothesline across it, takes a handful of clothespins out of a basket and starts pinning up clothes. A mother and her 18-month-old son are sitting on the floor watching. After pinning several items, the man accidentally drops a pin on the floor. He then pretends to reach over […]

To Educate Empathy, Educate Imagination

Responding by email to my article last week on children’s natural inclination toward empathy Allan, grandfather of Elise, wrote: Having just spent five days with a 3 ½-year-old, I can reaffirm everything you say in this. While her mom was working nearby, Elise and I had a wonderful pretend game where she was the proprietor […]

Parents and Teachers Building Empathy in Children

 “Hey, would you help me…” Say this to children, and you will usually get an enthusiastic, “Sure.” If you get a negative reaction, I can think of several possible causes off the top of my head: Technorati Tags: Authority, building character, character, child-rearing, children, conflict, decision making, Discipline, education, Emotional control, Genius, kids, Learning, learning […]