Cover of the Second Edition of “Genius”

The publisher of the second edition of “Genius”, Globe/Pequot Press, has selected a photo for the cover after a great deal of searching. It is particularly fun for me that they selected this candid taken by a new photographer friend of mine, Julie Carter, who lives in Decatur. Here’s what Julie says about the photo she took of her granddaughter at home a year or so ago.

“When Rick talked to me about creating a photo to illustrate the message he was wanting to convey in his book, I immediately thought of the photograph you are considering. The little girl in the photo is my granddaughter, Natalie, who was four-years-old when the photo was taken.

“Natalie was “teaching” my husband how to read a book after telling him that he was reading it to her in a rather “silly” way – guess he wasn’t taking his reading seriously enough for her!

“My favorite part about the photo is the obvious focus and attention she is giving as she carefully enunciates each word. I also love the patience my husband is showing Natalie as she reads each word with excitement and enthusiasm – how fortunate I was to have been able to not only observe this special moment, but to also have my camera close at hand to capture this entertaining interaction between Natalie and my husband!”

Now that we have the cover, I can’t wait for the book’s second coming this July.

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13 thoughts on “Cover of the Second Edition of “Genius”

  1. Congratulations on your second book!
    The wording and font style on the front cover work well; ones eye is caught and held by feel-good words that alliterate, and there’s no over-extravagance or hype.
    ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and this one sure is! … it is triply effective because the viewer, dad and daughter are all drawn into what we cannot see on that page … brilliant!
    I can’t wait to open the book!

  2. Great cover and name change for the second edition, Rick. Congratulations! I hope it draws lots of new people to your great book.

  3. Yes, the fairy wings add SO much to the “story” of the picture – here’s a child who has great imagination and great focus as well.

  4. Hi, Rick. I have been doing a bit of catch up on your blog.

    Congratulations on the new book. I like the alliterative title. They’re 3 of my favorite C qualities in kids.

  5. Awesome round two! I like the focus on relationship in the picture. Good luck with it. Hope it continues to inspire.

  6. Rick,
    I love the cover! Fits beautifully with your inspiring messages! Congrats! — Marilyn

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