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How to Take No for an Answer

A Story from My Good Friend Allan “No, I don’t want to take a nap!  Not tired!” said Elise.

Advice to Parents on Teaching Children Social Responsibility

Most advice to parents on teaching children social responsibility makes the mistake of assuming that being socially responsible is an unnatural act. It is a big mistake and easily fixed. Technorati Tags: Authority, building character, character, child-rearing, children, kids, Learning, learning social skills, Parenting, parenting skills, responsibility, teaching, teaching responsibility

Parental Authority: Do You Have It?

 Talk So Your Kids Will Listen “I listen to my father because I have found that he tells me things that turn out to be true,” said Allison (18 year old high school senior) as I drove her home from the basketball game the Wednesday after the Saturday night party where some of her classmates […]

Continuing the Discussion of Gifted Education

Last week’s post began an important conversation about gifted education. Let it continue.  Project Bright Idea is showing that gifted education works for all children. The moral of the story is: “Treat students as if they are gifted and they will show up as gifted.” Take a look at the video and see what you think. […]

Is My Child Gifted?

Is my child gifted? Our culture is crazy in the education department. A Gifted and Talented professional will tell you that if your child “shows learning needs” such as: Technorati Tags: children, education, Genius, gifted, kids, Learning, Parenting, parenting skills, parents, school, school reform, teaching