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1st Grade Teacher Shows How to Design an Instant Learning Organization

All human organizations need boundaries and consequences. People young and old need to know that there are social rules that will be followed and that those who treat the rules with contempt will be punished. At the same time a human organization needs to have a mission that inspires people to want to show up […]

Struggling Readers

I was one of those struggling readers. I didn’t become a reader until fifth grade. That puts me in league with two twenty-five-year-old single mothers whom Julie Pangrac of Project READ introduced me to. They told me their story Technorati Tags: building character, character, child-rearing, children, education, Genius, kids, learning to read, Parenting, parenting skills, parents, […]

Dana and His Mother: Two Agendas

Look who’s going on a journey Look who isn’t. For months before his first trip All eyes and ears, Dana gathered data, Taking statistics Like a data vacuum cleaner. Six weeks ago he tested his new apparatus for the first time. Now, all systems GO, he’s on his journey. Let the games begin. Does this […]