Dana and His Mother: Two Agendas

Look who’s going on a journey

Look who isn’t.
For months before his first trip
All eyes and ears, Dana gathered data,
Taking statistics
Like a data vacuum cleaner.
Six weeks ago he tested his new apparatus for the first time.
Now, all systems GO, he’s on his journey.
Let the games begin.

Does this tweak your heart to ponder something?

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4 thoughts on “Dana and His Mother: Two Agendas

  1. So true, Rick! The video certainly brought back memories. Allowing enough time and energy so that the parent doesn’t become frustrated is so important in fostering a positive parent-child relationship.

    It’s harder today though in one parent homes or when both parenting are working and they have to leave at a certain time.

  2. True, the hurried parent has less psychic energy to respect both agendas.
    I am not sure that single parents have a monopoly on “not enough time for your agenda.”

  3. Having a clear understanding of parenting really helps.
    The biggest issue is that we are supposed to learn parenting from our parents. I always think of the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” There will always be tension between parent and child, but the child is also supposed to see the rest of society supporting the parent and the child.
    Love your work!

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