Advisor to Heads

Leadership Advisor

Rick is an advisor to Heads of Independent Schools. With thirty-four years of experience as head of four different schools, Rick continues to be a trusted advisor and mentor to school heads on the full gamut of educational challenges, and now advises leaders in all walks of education.

About Rick Ackerly - The Genius in ChildrenAdministrators, Teachers, Parents, Students count on him for council and coaching on issues from personnel challenges to personal confusion– from a leadership challenge to a communal meltdown.

“We are not perfect; we all need others to help us keep in touch with our lost genius, especially in times of crisis.”

Three one-hour sessions for $500 may be enough to fix or at least to assess the situation.

Session One: Come to understand the challenge you are facing, and design a tactic for testing our understanding.

Session Two:  Design strategy and tactics for addressing the challenge.

Session Three: A) Problem solved? What did you do right? B) Not? Analyze what worked or didn’t and decide what should be done going forward.




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